Visit Houlgate, you'll love it!!!

Discover Houlgate, a charming seaside

Discover Houlgate, a charming seaside town in Normandy that offers wonderful sandy beaches lined with beach huts in summer. Outside the summer season, a stroll along the Roland Garros promenade will allow you to admire the famous cliffs of the Vaches Noires and perhaps even find Jurassic fossils.

Houlgate is also known for its many Belle Époque villas and its initiation course organized by the tourist office.

For a romantic getaway, stay at our upscale La Vague building for a relaxing beachfront weekend.

The nearby Normandy seaside town of Cabourg is also famous for its Belle-Époque architecture, Grand Hotel and preserved seaside villas. Do not miss the opportunity to discover these architectural treasures during your visit to the region. Cabourg and Houlgate also have casinos for gambling enthusiasts.